OS3 Grey Foxes

Ready to Run Fray style cars
Aurora Chassis and Gearplate with Top aftermarket parts
Tested and tuned on both fast and tight tracks for uniform performance

Parts Used:
- Matched Aurora gearplate and Chassis, retested throughout the build process
- OS3 Anchor Front ends
- OS3 Tornado Balanced and Trued Fray Legal Armatures
- OS3 Tungsten Axles
- OS3 Lightning Rod Guide Pin
- Slottech Shoes restricted and adjusted for a .012 rail height
- Slottech Brushes
- RTHO Top Gears
- RTHO crown gears shimmed for proper mesh with Wizzard 9 tooth pinions
- Wizzard .330"-.332" White Silicone Sponge rear tires
- DASH Magnets Sanded to a gap of .701"-.703"


First batch of 18 Grey Foxes are SOLD OUT! More on the way soon

Email us at onestopslotshop@gmail.com to be placed on the waiting list. Next batch should be ready in a few weeks.
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