Installation Procedures
Installation Procedures


1.   Use a wheel press to insert the axle into one of the spacers.   Place the axle with spacer installed into a chassis.

2.   Use the wheel press to install the other spacer on the other side of the axle.

3.   Use the wheel press to center the axle in the chassis.   Ensure the lip of the spacers fit completely under the chassis before measuring the axle centering.   If calipers are used the axle should stick out from the spacer about .284", (.254" for Lite Anchors) depending on the axle length.   Measuring from spacer to opposite axle end can also be done to verify lengths are equal.

(Due to chassis tolerances it may be necessary to bend the lip of the spacer up towards the axle to prevent the spacer from rocking.   To do this, place the spacer on an axle and then use pliers to grab the axle and lip and squeeze to bend.)

4.   Install the brass weights pushing them onto the spacers.

5.   Install the wheels and the retainers.

6.   Install the tires.

7.   Place the chassis with the Anchors installed into a tech block to check the overall width.   While still in the tech block use the Wheels to push the retainers out to the edges.   Pull the weight away from the spacer to remove the excess play while still allowing the wheel to free spin.   The Wheel/Tire doesn't have much weight so it will not keep spinning after it is rotated. All that is required is that is free of binding without lateral play.   External .125" diameter spacers will fit between the weight and spacer and can be used.   They are not provided in the set.