OS3 Tornadoes - Balanced Arms

These armatures are picked through prior to balancing to ensure matched poles (ohms within .3 ohms), shafts that are straight and fit the arm gear without the need for peening, and all poles at or above 16.0 ohms at 70°F.   All arms average above 16 ohms with a total of 48.2 ohms or higher.   All laminations are accurately ground about the center to ensure an accurate static balance.   Commutators are trued to within .001" of true at the brush position for minimal brush bounce.   They are then glued and polished.   All motors are tested for balance and smoothness prior to sale.   These arms are dyed RED to distinguish them from our BLUE arms.   We are not balancing customer supplied arms at this time.   NOS arms meeting our pre-requirements are getting harder to find.   We will continue to use NOS arms exclusively while supplies last for all Tornadoes.

Tornadoes are Out of Stock


Slottech Motor Brushes

Absolutely the highest Quality, best performing motor brushes for all T-Jets.   Dimensions are very consistent.

For Quantities greater of 25pr or greater Email us.

New Version Slottech Hi-Contact Pickup Shoes

These shoes will positively increase the speed of any T-Jet.

For Quantities greater of 25pr or greater Email us.

Dr. Oogan

Dr. Oogan Bronze Phosphor T-Jet Springs #OO-171 Fray Approved 2009

My T-Jet springs proudly in the USA. These replacement springs are made to the same free length, compression, size and diameter specifications as the originals and have been designed to fit all variations of the T-Jet. Beginning with resilient high quality bronze phosphor spring wire, each spring is precision wound an equal number of turns for tolerance and compression. Both ends are then “closed & squared”, allowing the spring to seat perpendicular for more surface contact with the shoe. The springs are then heat treated and stress relieved.

10 pair   $15

Champ Springs

Made by the "Champ" Henry Harnish.   These springs are the 3rd generation and come in 4 new sizes to allow fine tuning of the pickup shoe tension. There are four pair of each size numbered 781 - 782 - 783 - 784. They are slightly taller than a stock spring, and are easily identified with the silver color. The 781 has the most winds. As the listed number increases the number of winds decreases. All sizes are the same height. Racers can mix and match, or trim and stretch to achieve the best in speed and handling. Note: If the springs stick to each other, just drop them on a hard surface to separate.

1 Spring Set   $16.50

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