OS3 Lightning Rods


These Guide Pins combine the best features of the previous OS3 Thunderpin and Johnny Lightning pin into one "Perfect" pin.   Lightning Rods feature a beveled hole for 1/72 screws so the pin does not have to be dug out to allow for body roll.   It also has a "Nub" on the back that press fits into the back chassis hole to lock the pin in place and prevent lateral pressure from breaking the pin free.   The nub is aided by a full size pin that fills the entire guide pin pocket.   The back of the pin is "Rough Finished" so scuffing prior to gluing is unnecessary.   The Lightning Rod will fit most chassis perfectly.   But all chassis have different size guide pin pockets.   Some chassis like the 7-9 require the pin to be slightly sanded to fit while the 6 and H chassis will have a little room around the pin.   For the popular 10-14 and A-F chassis the fit is awesome.   When inserting the pin remove all glue with an acetone or a nitromethane-based super glue remover to aid in fitment.   Available in Purple, Yellow, Red, Blue, Black and an Assortment.

Assortment contains even amounts
of all colors. No Yellow.






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