One Stop Resistors

One Stop resistors are wrapped in two styles, Nitro and Straight.   Straight resistors are wrapped evenly across the resistor and feature a linear response.   Nitro resistors feature a progressive two-stage wrap, providing excellent slow speed control with rapid midrange acceleration eliminating the slow response.   Both styles are made with one continuous wire, so there are no gaps in the power band.   They have fresh tabs for easy mounting and ground, feathered and smoothed metal bands for extremely smooth trigger action.

One Stop Nitro Resistors   $20

One Stop Straight Resistors   $20

Comments from Resistor customers:

Jerry ...

Many thanks for your prompt reply. No rush on the resistors, I passed my spare one onto a club member after he tried my controller at the Pinewood 6 hour on Sunday, and this order is simply a restock. I'm not surprised you need to make some more of these, since I introduced the Derby HO Racing Club (DHORC) to your controllers they have become the preferred tool for the serious racers, particularly when racing Tomy Turbos. Over here almost everyone runs the BRP Nitro in a Parma Plus handle, the aluminium frame acts as an effective heat sink and keeps the resistor cool when driving Turbos, Super G+ or Tyco cars, and although only designed for T-Jets we find that the resistor stands up well even for extended use when endurance racing. Mine for example has performed well for the last three or four Le Mans 24 hour races when it has had to cope with hour long continuous driving sessions. Keep up the good work.


Roy Masters

This is the real deal. I had a HO World 120, and while it was OK, this suits Me much better. I have posted a review on the JL Hobby Talk discussion board and hope you get many orders from it.


I just hooked up one of the Nitro 120's and tested it out. All I have to say is WOW!

I can honestly, unabashedly, and whole heartedly state: "This is, by far, the best, most user-friendly resistor/controller that I've ever had the pleasure of racing with! It it amazingly responsive, yet forgiving, at the same time. It's like an extension of my finger!"

I have been using my favorite controller, for the past 2 years, which is a generic 100 ohm resistor, in a Parma handle. I tried others that were good, like the Hidden Springs, but I always came back to 'old reliable'. I think that I now have a 'new reliable'.

XLNT job! Thanks.

Rocky German

Just installed my BRP 95 ohm resistor into my Parma. It feels pretty good. Nice control on the low end...

Scott Keck

After using the Nitro 95, going back to a stock Parma is not a desirable option.

Doug Brettschnieder

"I've been using the Nitro 95 resister in a Parma Turbo controller for several months now, and I really believe this is one of the best tools made for racing. Much better control with no 'sluggishness' like a 60 or 85 ohm controller, I've tried in the past. The Nitro 95 allows me to push the car harder and not lose any control whatsoever. Jerry has outdone himself with this gem. The best $20.00 I ever spent!" I'm looking forward to getting the 120 for my JL cars!

Tim Yeager

For the way I race, I like the Nitro 95 for most of my cars, it has enough power at the start of the resistor so you have control for tight curves and wide curves. :-)

Jim Walters


I received the resistor in Saturday's mail. Thank you so much for the quick, friendly service and super-fast shipping. You guys are great to work with! Have a great day,

Josh Wolf


Just wanted to let you know that I received the 120 ohm controllers. These are really nice. I can't get over how much more control I have through the corners, especially with the JL's and the faster TJets. Once again, thanks.

Joel Zwerk

I got the resistor mounted and built the Parma Turbo kit without a hitch. Never did one of those before, it was fun. So far so good though, I like the response with the cars I tried. Just wanted to mention something which not many, if any, are aware of. At the Shoot-Out while I was entering stuff into the laptop, Jerry Schmoyer had asked about the resistor I'd tested and I let him see the controller. He tried the trigger a few times, then asked if I minded if he took it apart and do some adjustments. Of course... why NOT?? It was about 15 minutes or so later and he comes back to me with the inner frame of the Parma turbo that had the NITRO95 installed in it as he handed it over for me to test the trigger. He set it up super lite, just how I like 'em. I thought cool!... then he tells me that the resistor I had tested was a prototype and he replaced that one with a brand new one, then tweaked it to work just right. Wouldn't you know that without even testing it I used it for the entire Shoot-Out, no problem! It worked flawlessly the entire day. Nice way to break in a resistor, eh? It was as though it didn't need a break-in, really. I just want to thank Jerry for doing that. Taking a time out, one of many he had done that day to assist with his electrical know-how, but time out of his own practice time to setup my controller. That my friends is customer service! BRP NITRO95 resistor! Thanks Jerry!!

John Jernstrom JJ (BRP beta tester)

Ditto to the JJ post re: the Nitro95. Jerry did an install on my old Parma 85 and it turned me from shakeyhand into Cool Hand Luke without a hiccup. I doubt that I could have done anywhere as good without it and will use it for the rest of the VHORS season anticipating similar results. WATCH OUT!

Ken Taylor

And I have to tell you that Nitro 95 you lent me was the best T-jet controller I have ever used!

Joe Selinsky

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